Crawler Game

Game information

The game consists of five levels. On each, explore the dungeon, interacting with objects along the way to increase your power through food and weapons. Defeat all of the enemies on the level to move on.

Level one : obtain magic mushrooms to poisin ghosts so they can't drag you with them to the afterlife.
Level two : collect arrows to shoot medusas before they turn you to stone with their stare.
Level three : use dark bullets to defeat trolls or they'll stomp on you.
Level four : shoot lava monsters with ice bullets or they'll melt you.
Level five : collect a key to unlock a chest containing a sword to slay dragons before they throw fireballs at you.

Click the next button, type the space key, or type the right arrow key to filter through optional next moves.

Click the select button, type the enter key, or type the left arrow key to choose a move.

Use the gear icon in the upper left to come back here from the game

To ensure sound works, click the center of the screen after you press play (due to Chrome audio settings)

Game settings

Game play modes

Least (game will progress fastest)